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EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique


What is EFT?

EFT is an abbreviation of Emotional Freedom Technique , and uses specific Acupuncture points to help clear trauma and emotional pain- but  no needles, just fingers to tap with.

Eft is also known as "Tapping", because the Acupuncture points being used are tapped on during the session.

Many clinical trials , including such prestigious organisations as Harvard University, have demonstrated that EFT is able to rapidly reduce emotional distress from such things as painful memories, traumatic events which are still impacting us, and which have continued to perpetuate a state of distress or limit us in some way.

What happens in an EFT session?

During an EFT session, you will be asked about what you feel is upsetting you, what you would like help with, this could be such things as painful memories, physical pain, emotional eating, bad memories or past trauma, or simply general stress .

Next, you will be asked to rate the problem on a scale of 1-10, to be clear about how it is impacting you to start with. You will then be guided by your practitioner , using a variety of professional EFT techniques , to work through the issues, whilst tapping specific acupuncture points , just using your fingers .

Although we are using acupuncture points, no needles are ever used in EFT.

Is EFT For You?

If you have been stuck with such problems as :

emotional distress, 

past trauma locked in, 

want help to be free from emotional eating,  

self limiting beliefs,

and would like a fast effective way of helping to release these issues, EFT may well be able to help you.

EFT Tapping FAQs

Does EFT hurt?

No, because it only uses fingertip pressure to gently, lightly,  tap specific acupuncture points.

I've tried EFT on You Tube, and it hasn't helped, is this different?

Yes, seeing an EFT professional is very different.

YouTube is an amazing resource , and there are some great EFT/Tapping videos on there, which can truly help some people, however, those sessions are not precise or tailored to you as an individual .

Seeing an EFT Professional means that your session is precisely tailored to you, your problems, and your particular issues . We also use professional EFT techniques , which can differ from those on general  videos.