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What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology  is an alternative medicine technique which uses muscle testing, strength and weakness plus Acupuncture Meridians (the energy pathways of the body ) to work on a wide variety of issues and problems, It is an holistic  technique.

Its has its origins in the 1960s, when an American chiropractor, Dr George Goodheart Jr, began to test his theories and evolved his system of Kinesiology.

What happens in a Kinesiology session?

Kinesiology techniques are non invasive. You will be fully dressed, and an indicator muscle chosen to work with throughout the session. The body is then manually tested, using a strong or weak response to identify imbalances and gather information about what needs to be done. Kinesiology sessions are comfortable, and you'll often feel relaxed afterwards .

What can Kinesiology help with?

We have used Kinesiology to help with such issues as;


intolerance levels


emotional issues

but truly, it can be used in many ways for many different issues.

Some patients simply like to book an appointment once a year to check in, to see how they're doing - a bit like getting the car serviced, except it's us!