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Traditional Acupuncture for Womens Health

Since 1500-1000 bc Chinese Medicine has been recorded as helping Women with all kinds of reproductive and hormonal problems.

Chinese Medicine, whether Acupuncture or Herbs, can often offer a lot of help to women, treating all kinds of ailments such as;

  • period pain
  • irregular periods
  • no periods
  • pre menstrual tension
  • post natal depression 
  • menopausal and peri-menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, panic attacks, anxiety

Many women at various stages of life find that they need some hormone help.

There is no set pattern or approach to such symptoms, always a full Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis session is done to ensure the best and most precise help as needed by each patient.

Help for Hormones

Chinese Medicine can provide a safe and usually very effective way of helping  with these problems, and many patients also find that other symptoms clear up or significantly improve - they may have come just for menopausal anxiety, but also find that their sleep is improving, their energy levels, appetite, headaches may be going ... its all usually connected .

Specific care for Womens Health Issues

As soon as she gained her first qualification in Chinese Medicine, Susan knew that she wanted to specialise in gynaecology and fertility, and womens health issues. In her words;

"It's so rare to meet a woman who at some time in her life, hasn't had problems because of her hormones, whether its pmt, period pain, no periods, irregular periods, miscarriage, menopause... the list goes on. I knew immediately upon achieving my first 3 years Acupuncture qualification, that I wanted to specialise in helping these issues. So I went on to learn more and more.

As a female practitioner, I can definitely understand how these problems feel, and I love to assist in helping improve them." 

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